Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 Photo Albums by Melinda Klayman, Grant Rudolph, and Paige Hotchk'ss Needleman

1) Melinda Klayman (LinkedIn - San Francisco, CA) posted This one time at Dance Camp (16 Facebook photos)

Freeman (photo by Melinda Klayman)

Erin Gingrich and Shmuel Silverman doing Contact Improvisation
in the dining hall (photo by Melinda Klayman)

2) Grant Rudolph posted Dance Camp 2010 (5 Facebook photos)

Pavillion (photo by Grant Rudolph)

Walking to the dining hall (photo by Grant Rudolph)

3) Paige Hotchk'ss Needleman posted Summer of 2010 (19 Facebook photos)

Paige outside the dining hall (photo from Paige Hotchk'ss Needleman)

?, ?, and Paige (photo from Paige Hotchk'ss Needleman)

Waterfront (photo by Paige Hotchk'ss Needleman)

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